The Race to Phar Lap’s Saddle - Imaginara Lagacies
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The Race to Phar Lap’s Saddle

Neil and Tara have prepared themselves for a few days of extreme boredom. After all, that’s what comes with accompanying their parents on a busy work trip, even to an exciting city like Melbourne. But when a precious artifact is stolen from the museum where their father is working, the two find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind adventure that takes them all over the iconic Australian city. Racing against time, they learn about Melbourne and its legends, solving one cryptic clue after another. But can Tara and Neil find the artifact and save the day? Or has it been lost forever, destroying a lot of dreams along with it?


July 14, 2021


CHILDREN’S, Rishi Piparaiya

The Race to Phar Lap’s Saddle