Imaginara Legacies - Imagination is our greatest asset
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Three Pigs to Financial Freedom
Imaginara Cities of Adventure
Imaginara The Damned Series
Imaginara Treasures of Spirituality
Imaginara Yoganama Wellness

Imaginara Legacies

At Imaginara, we build and support creative and entrepreneurial ventures that can make the world a better, or at least a more interesting place. We aim to add value to others, over doing it for ourselves. We celebrate earning goodwill more than we do profits. Imagination is our greatest asset and our balance sheet is asset-heavy. And we aspire to leave lasting legacies rather than annual reports filled with material achievements.








At Imaginara, We invest in initiatives that we believe can have a meaningful impact on our world. Some of these initiatives are painstakingly being built by us. Others have been invested in for the long run, in a corporate or individual capacity, through private or public markets. The common theme across all of the ventures is the belief that they can, and will, make a difference.

Imaginara Cities of Adventure

A series of innovative travel guides for children. They aim to make travel more fun for our kids!

Imaginara Cordlife Investment

A pioneer and Asia’s largest company in the cord blood banking space.

Imaginara damned

A humor and satire platform that has released several globally viral works.

Imaginara Futwork Investment

Re-imagining outbound tele calling operations in India.

Imaginara Upwork Investment

The world’s largest work marketplace changing the way businesses find, hire, and pay for freelance talent.

Imaginara Vector Finance Investment

A Micro-Finance Institution (MFI), providing loans to micro-enterprises for income generation purposes and to enhance financial inclusion.

Imaginara Yoganama Investment

A platform that brings Yoga & Ayurveda under one roof, with the objective of making these ancient practices accessible & relevant to all.


If books are legacies, then we are making progress. Over the decades, we, as a family, have written and published numerous books in the genres of humor, finance, spirituality, art, and children’s books.

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