Framed in Hollywood - Imaginara Lagacies
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Framed in Hollywood

The Landers are star struck! After unexpectedly meeting leading Hollywood actress Sally Sinclair, the family finds itself invited to the filming of her latest movie. To their shock, however, the film scene soon becomes a crime scene. Even worse, Sally is the prime suspect! The Landers are sure Sally is innocent, but can they prove it? Soon, the family finds itself chasing clues around Tinseltown’s most famous attractions, trying to catch the real culprit. Along the way, they encounter a suspicious cast of characters, including a self-absorbed heartthrob, a quick-tempered director, a confused cameraman, a prolific writer, and more. Will an innocent person remain framed? Or will the Landers solve the case before the film runs out? . . .


July 14, 2021


CHILDREN’S, Rishi Piparaiya

Framed in Hollywood